How A2E Started

Looking at hundreds of startups applying for angel funding each month, we found that many of the applications missed the mark. It wasn't because the idea was bad or the business couldn't work. It was because the entrepreneurs don't know what they need to succeed.

    We created videos to help understand how to succeed and put them online for free.

We evolved

We found the same missing pieces limiting the growth of otherwise successful small and medium businesses. And we found many of those businesses want help to grow and prosper.

    We created more systematic approaches to help advise clients and prepare them to grow.

We grew

We started finding more clients, clients started referring more clients, and we started to grow beyond our original goals.

    We decided to go the next step.

  • Instead of just advising, we started forming and running advisory boards.
  • Instead of working alone, we built an online portal for stronger colaboration.
  • Instead of ad-hoc advice, we built a systematic internal diligence process.

Angel to Exit

Today, we help connect to resources and through channel partners from the earliest stage of business idea formation through business planning, angel investment, expansion to venture capital, and all the way to exits.

    Well connected, skilled, experienced business advisors, leveraging expertise and technology to better support your business success.

Connections and leveraging community knowledge

According to recent studies:

  • In the US alone, 316,600 angels backed 73,400 businesses in 2014 with $24.1 billion of funding (Sohl, 2014).

  • The largest private angel investment group in the world has more than 2500 members in 46 chapters on 4 continents, has funded more than $750M in startups since 2000, and averages in excess of 20% return on investment. (Keiretsu Forum, 2016)

  • Angel investments on average, have returns in excess of 20% year over year, with return of capital in 3-5 years. 70% of angel-funded companies return less than the investment. (Wiltbank, 2016)

  • A longstanding statistic is that 80% of companies fail in the first 2 years of existence. Most angel investment is in companies more than 2 years old.

Some SMB Investment Facts

As owners of SMBs age, they tend to work harder to make more money. But they often don't make enough more money to retire well. At some point, they have to slow down, and they lose income.

When most SMBs seek funding, they cannot get it from investors. One of the main reasons is they don't have a strong up-side and exit strategy. They know how to operate their businesses, but not how to grow them or sell them.

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